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Nuntii Latini: Tired of the same old spin from the big news agencies? Try a "new old" spin from Finland's YLE: news updates in Latin.
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metafilter once again gets me extra credit point in latin class. however, i hope this one won't get me the weird looks that the link to the erotic frescoes got me.
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This is a wonderful link. When I first studied Russian, there was really only one significant textbook in English. If you wanted to delve deeply into verbs, you had to find a copy Daum Schenk's book, which was only available in German at that time. God how I wish we had net resources like these when I was learning various languages. I hope current students appreciate what fantastic opportunities they have.
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There are more Finns with archaeo-linguistic tastes, it seems. Dr. Ammondt sings Elvis songs in Latin. Including of course classics like Nunc hic aut nunquam (It's now or never), Cor ligneaum (Wooden Heart) and Quate, Crepa, Rota (Shake, Rattle and Roll). He's even working on doing Elvis songs in Sumerian.
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