Finding info on your state lawmakers has never been easier
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Open States, the latest project of the nonprofit Sunlight Foundation, is an easy to navigate comprehensive database of activities from all state capitols that makes it easy to find your state lawmaker, review their votes, search for legislation, track bills and much more.
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Well 2 hours later let me be the 1st to not only comment but thank the Sunlight Foundation.
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This is fabulous. Also, I am so damn happy to be living in a district with state reps who appear to be representing my interests.
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As a blue guy in a red state, I'm lucky to be represented by two pretty solid Democrats. This is great!
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Mighty fine resource.
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Well, this helped me realize how gerrymandered my district is. Precisely drawn to avoid the actual downtown areas of the city, which would presumably be too liberal for my Republican representatives. At any rate, I'm always impressed by the tools to Sunlight Foundation puts out, and far more people should be taking advantage of them.
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Wisconsinites- I work for the WI legislative service agency that just released Notify- use it to search for proposals and sign up for email notifications about them. We will shortly be adding support for notifications re: committees, legislators, and proposals-by-abstract/subject.

If you're more of an RSS person, use Publisher instead; there is an RSS feed for each proposal.

If you have any questions about these sites, I'd be happy to answer them.
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