Know Thy Congressman
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Know Thy Congressman (an Apps for America Project of Sunlight Labs) provides a handy bookmarklet that lets you get a quick overview of Congresscritters that you might not be familiar with. The winners for Round Two of Apps for America (focusing on were announced yesterday.

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That's pretty neat. :)
posted by zarq at 11:49 AM on September 10, 2009

Neat but dangerous when wrong. I would like them to know that my Congressperson Donna Edwards has not cheated on his wife. That was JOHN Edwards.
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So are you saying that this website isn't related to dating?

That it isn't subdivided into:
  • data congressman
  • data senator
  • data intern
  • data page
  • etc.?
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  • Data, Lt. Cmdr.
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It has my Congressman even though she's neither a full member nor a man.

Maybe they should change the name to "Know Your Member"
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Maybe they should change the name to "Know Your Member"

Michael Duvall would like the "Know My Member" app.
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I like that the "close" button is in the correct, upper-left position. Also, the bookmarklet is neat and informative and so forth.
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Cool - but I don't need an app to tell me my Congressman is a douche.
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Curiously, they "can't find enough information" on either my (newly elected last November) congressdude or my (newly elected last November) junior senator.

I spent a good five minutes trying all of the variations of their names to see if I could make them spit out some info. With middle initials, without. last names only. first names only. Nicknames. Deliberate misspellings. Nada!
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Good stuff. I look forward to putting these apps through their paces.
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hm. "capuano" got me a "can't find" error, but "mike capuano" worked. i have to remember my congresscritter's first name?
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This stuff is great!
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Demographics: 56 people were Hispanic, 121 were African American, 139 were Asian, 13,053 were White, 6,730 were Male, and 6,805 were Female (in this town)

Good ol' New Hampshire.
posted by DU at 5:28 PM on September 10, 2009

The recent NYT articles part needs some work: Jim Webb get a bunch of articles about Andrew Lloyd Webber - slightly different. Although I bet that a musical by Jim Webb would be totally badass.
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