Sikh Words Of Wisdom.
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Sikh Words Of Wisdom. If, from a Western perspective, there is one Cinderella among Eastern religions, one undiscovered gem waiting to be polished and admired by people outside the South Asian religious culture, it is the Sikh faith – in particular, the poetry of the Sikh Gurus. (From BBC.)
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There's more. I would not forget the Jain culture...
posted by mmarcos at 2:16 PM on November 22, 2001

And the Baha'is, who are still persecuted as Shi'ite heretics in Iran.
posted by holgate at 2:33 PM on November 22, 2001

Or the Zoroastrians, who are mostly in India now.
posted by Carmen Jonze at 3:31 PM on November 22, 2001

Ugh. Did anybody else catch "Karma Sutra" in that article?

Too bad nobody likes the Sikhs. I'm serious. If you know any Indians, ask them. Nobody seems to know why, but they just don't.
posted by Su at 4:39 PM on November 22, 2001

An Indian friend of mine is Sikh, so I guess I can't really imagine asking her, "Hey! How's come peeps don't like youse?"
posted by Carmen Jonze at 5:12 PM on November 22, 2001

The Sikhs were often the British shock troops during the Raj.
posted by vbfg at 1:03 AM on November 23, 2001

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