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one surrealist a day.
Old and New Surrealist Art with occasional photography and poetry. Complete with search function.
As an extra a sampling of French surrealist poetry in translation. There are also some short films on Vimeo.
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This is great--I've lately been looking for good sources for surrealism, 'magic realism', and similar art online, so this is right up my alley... thanks!

( sole complaint being that the navigation is annoying--unless I'm mistaken, you can't start somewhere and then just keep next-ing your way through it.)
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adamvasco, another great post. I must say you do find great stuff that consistently appeals to me, so if I haven't given you a big mefi hug in awhile, take this as one.

This is perfect for me because one surrealist a day suits my appetite. Love: Die Ewigen Schuplattler. And also this by Dino Valls (NSFW), whom I adore.

I was browsing for one that spoke to my mood today and picked this one by Lucien Freud - and it turns out it was posted on my birthday, so there you have it, it was meant for me and I claim it.

Sing or Swim, I share your frustration with the navigation. Here's an archive link tho just in case you didn't find it - it is not all that obvious. Formats that make it hard to browse archives drive me crazy. (I'm talking about you, eternal scroll site.)
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Thank you--I actually prefer just hitting the 'next' button and seeing everything full-size, rather than squinting at the thumbnails in the archive. And there IS a 'next' button; I just managed not to see it somehow when I first looked at the site... so I withdraw my complaint.
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Thanks mjjj, and thank you for linking to that ''I adore'' post which produced such an interesting discussion.
I realize that any art link will probably produce a reaction similar to ''your favourite band sucks'' for some people.
I emphasise with your birthday link because as I was putting this together the first Desnos link I found and linked in the FPP was also first posted on my birthday. The further I go into it the further I realize that Surrealism is a bit like that.
Of course the depth of the discussion always depends on who shows up.
I don't know if you have dipped into the video's yet but Joseph Cornell's Rose Hubbardt is a little gem.
Germaine Dulac I had posted about previously.
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Thank you for this post, it made my day. I enjoy surrealism art, but I have craved seeing what new artists can do in this area and the lined "One Surrealist A Day" blog certainly dabbles in that area.

I actually do like the format of one picture from an artist and then if the reader is interested, click on the links and see more of the artists work. For example, I really liked the art piece by Robert Dampier and his deviant art link includes some of his other pieces, which are fascinating (to me).

Also nthing that the videos add something. The video of 'L'Etoile de Mer' by Man Ray is something that I've never seen and probably would not have stumbled on it outside this link.
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Bless you for this FPP. May FSM rain orzo down upon you, and may your love be ever blue as an orange.
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