"Behold the missing link between Martha Stewart and Moby Dick"
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Bringing Healing To Newtown, CT One Pie At A Time.

Beth Howard's 'The World Needs More Pie' website and Facebook page.
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Armed with a crimping multi-tool, a lucky whaler’s spouse or mother need never fear a moment’s confusion differentiating between her cherry and chicken pies.
If I can't smell the difference between cherry and chicken pies, I ain't eating it, fancy crimping or no.

Otherwise, an interesting little article. Some of the carvers were clearly in the wrong jobs, their work is so good.
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I presume the unicorn pie crimping tool is made from a narwhal tusk.
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One spring day in 2001, Beth Howard walked into Malibu Kitchen & Gourmet Country Mart, after a local newspaper reported it was popular for its pie, and tried to order a slice. Told they were “too busy to make any” she suggested they hire her to make pie for them. Asked what her qualifications were, she replied, “I’m from Iowa.”

Iowans like pie so much it's spooky. It's like the Platonic Form of pie rests somewhere in that state. I have a friend from Iowa who, when we are driving around, will suddenly say "There's good pie near here." And she always finds some. She had pie radar. That is what Iowans are like about pie.

They are not so big on scrimshaw, however.
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Favorited for the tags alone.
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Favorited for the tags alone.

I don't know. Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie is unaccountably missing. Yes, I see rhubarbpie. It's not the same ting!

Also, the most vital AskMe ever!
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I am probably the only person around here who actually owns more than one pastry crimper. I have never used them. As far as I know, they're not pie crimpers because they'd be almost completely useless on pies. Any self-respecting cook would crimp the pie edges by hand. I do. And I make a lot of pies.

Since The World Needs More Pie is a local Iowa project, I thought I would submit an amusing scan from my Mom's cookbook collection, a mimeographed, hand bound booklet of unknown age, I estimate maybe mid-1960s:

Recipes from Our Amish Neighbors
Designed and Printed by
Grace Methodist Church, Oelwein, Iowa
Woman's Society of Christian Service

Page 62 Royal Apple Pie
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I miss American pie. Funny enough, while I have always preferred pie to cake, I prefer baking cake. Cake is easier for me. The ubiquity of fruit pie is one of those things I miss about the USA, having moved to Europe.
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I too inherited a selection of pie crimpers that I've never used, but if I had these scrimshaw ones...well, I'd never use them either, but they are really cool.
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