Cats vs dogs
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The Internet is cat; books are dog. "We're reading dogs and clicking cats."
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I understand this isn't the main point of the article, but as a developer, it's funny reading how misguided this author's "research" is.

"I went to visit Yahoo and plugged in the words "cat" and "cats." (I tried them 10 times each.) My searches pulled an average of 1.8 billion hits."

Good thing you tried them ten times each, to get an accurate sampling of the constantly fluctuating index of cat videos. Such a thorough researcher!

"Bing produced a similar comparison"

You don't say? Maybe that's because Bing Search and Yahoo Search are running off the same index?
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...Lincoln's Doctor's Dog...

These guys were playing down at the Craterion last Friday. The drummer's good, but the lead guitar player barks too much.
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There's also the theory that cats are more likely to do inexplicably weird shit than dogs are, which makes for a greater likelihood that you can get a Youtube video of them.
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I'd wager the book results are based on the fact the variety in dog breeds (and each getting its own book) compared to the relatively few cat breeds, and thus most books being generic.
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One answer to this article.
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"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read."
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One answer to this article.

I found that an incredibly satisfying response.
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