A Most Virtuous Aurora
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"Hopefully this also means that I finally can close the case on the auroras from March 17. Go here to be transported back to March 17, to a small town in northern Sweden called Östersund. Welcome!" As mentioned on Space Weather.
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I wish I could see stuff like this where I live!
posted by limeonaire at 8:47 PM on April 12, 2013

Wow. Sometimes Ma Nature just knocks you down and takes your breath away.

(and one of these days, solar flares are going to screw things up big time)
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Wow. I need to go see some of these in real life sometime.
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Well there was a big CME yesterday so keep your eyes to the skies tonight and tomorrow and you may well catch the auroras, even as far south as SF.
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This is absolutely spectacular, AND it just ticks all the right nerd boxes for me. Aurora Borealis - check. Interactive panorama - check. Timelapse photo - check.
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I need to go see some of these in real life sometime.

I should point out that Östersund is the closest "big" city to the Åre ski area. There is very convenient overnight train from Stockholm that drops you off in the middle of it and if you don't mind some cold weather (last time I skied there -27C was the high) it's totally accessible.
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I rotated this so that the screen was just filled with the stars, with the aurora circling around. Feels like home.
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We had really nice auroras on the 17th too. I wish I could figure out how to take pictures of them on my iPhone.
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