Zambians are rich, Guineans are studious
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But the protestors only had their voices – for none of them had banners or signs to highlight their grievances. Aliou remembers, ”There were no such materials. Where could we even purchase the materials for a riot in North Korea?” -- That day in 1984 that a group of African students went on a demo in North Korea, part three of the memoirs of "Aliou Niane, a Guinean who studied at Wonsan agricultural college in North Korea from 1982-1987". Part 1, part 2.
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I'd be interested to know if the instruction was good or not. That doesn't seem to be addressed. Did they learn anything useful about agricultural economics?
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The only thing weirder than a bunch of guys from Guinea staging a protest march in North Korea is a bunch of guys from Guinea staging a successful protest march in North Korea, but that's what happened.
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This reads like the beginnings of a slapstick comedy starring Donald Glover.
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Wow, I had no idea North Korea hosted African foreign exchange students during the 80's - I know China did (I remember reading about foreign student riots there even), but even before the 90's I would have thought NK was still poorer and less developed than China. Awesome photos. NK must have felt a lot different back when Kim Il Sung was still around, or maybe it's just the sepia playing tricks on me.
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Man, fascinating. I think i may take up being a cold war history buff/nerd.
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