Just a plant?
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Kyle put out a video on 4/20/2013. And 4/20/2011. And 4/20/2008. Here's a bonus Thanksgiving video.

Kyle Mooney is a weird guy.

Here's a playlist of his hilarious man on the street interview series. (Previously)
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"This whole time you've just been smoking a fucking plant?"
posted by cmoj at 11:41 PM on April 25, 2013

He looks and acts like a not quite so kooked out version of Kai the axe-wielding surfer/hitchhiker, no? Maybe we should buy him a wetsuit.
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Bad mixing. Unnecessary music interfering with birdsongs. Mellow harshed. Window closed.
That is all.
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ha ha.
ha ha.
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I literally cannot understand a single word this guy is saying. It's like the Peanuts grownups with marbles in their mouths. Is that the joke?
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Hilarious. Thanks.

Is that the joke?

I think that's part of the joke. The basic premise is that this guy thinks that he is a fluent member of 420 culture but in reality is pretty confused about what all the other people are up to. But it's much weirder than that, of course.
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I tried to, but just couldn't find this funny. Just found it baffling and irritating.
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I found his Thanksgiving Day video much more watchable after imagining it as a riff on the Swedish Chef.
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