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Fade Away: music by Vitalic (previously), directed by Romain Chassaing. Multiple assassins try to get their hands on an attaché case, and (briefly) they all succeed. NWS for action-movie gore.
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Each one needs a topical catchphrase. And should be played by Sean Connery.
posted by zippy at 8:29 AM on April 30, 2013

That old-man spy towards the beginning (and the end??) is my favorite. He's got that old-school form.
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PS, Watch it a few times, secrets will come out.
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This sparked a memory of an old MTV Liquid Television bit of which I remembered being about a space samurai protecting a little girl. Turns out my memory sucks and I was thinking about this which has neither samurai nor space, but a similar back and forth kind of theme.

Also, thought of Ghost Dog, but that sink trick worked out better in the movie.
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If I were a spy I would wear a helmet and a bulletproof vest. Problems solved. Also a kevlar collar, eyeglasses, and inserts for my pants to protect the femoral artery. You are welcome, America.
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You could still get splashed by chemical/radioactive agents, oneironaut. Lightweight respirators can only filter air for so many minutes. Bulletproof clothing isn't always slashproof, either.

Love, Skaro
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"What's in the case?" - Robert DeNiro, Ronin
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Interesting that all but two of the chain of 'victims' got shot. (Must. Avoid. Gun. Control. Comment.) And the one unsuccessful attempt was the most imaginative (shooting up through the bathroom drainpipe).
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Spy vs Guy
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