House-type music mixes from Catz n Dogz and friends
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Grzegorz Demiañczuk and Wojciech Tarañczuk were born under communist rule in the Polish city of Szczecin, where they first heard pop music by way of German radio broadcasts. The got into techno in the 1990s, and got more music by way of tapes from street vendors and CD swaps from other music fans in the US. The duo started working under the name Catz n Dogz in 2007, spinning and making house music of various sorts. They released two albums, and started their own label, Pets Recordings, to promote other Polish producers, and have released hours of free mixes from the duo and their friends, by way of their petcasts. Catz n Dogz also got to shine on BBC Radio 1 recently, with an Essential Mix on April 20.
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OK, it's a lot more than just house music of various genres, with funky, jazzy tracks in the mix besides some Kate Nash and other modern pop-type stuff. Nothing ground-breaking, but a lot of fun to listen to and maybe dance around a bit.
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Somewhat of a disappointing Essential mix but generally enjoy their stuff.
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I've only heard one Catz n Dogz song before, courtesy of their inclusion on a podcast (either Electronic Explorations or Electric Deluxe; can't remember which). The song in question is here, and if you're a Pink Floyd fan, start listening around the 1:30 mark. Their set on Beats in Space was pretty sharp, so I'll be checking out the Essential mix.
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