The Gaslamp Killer: West Coast Weird Beats, Turkish Psych, Astral Jazz
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William Benjamin Bensussen is a DJ and producer who started DJing in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter, where his weird, heavy sound was generally a dancefloor killer, earning him the name The Gaslamp Killer But he kept at it, and found a home in Los Angeles, performing with the Low End Theory crew. On December 1, 2012, Gaslamp Killer joined an ever-growing list of notable DJs and appeared on BBC Radio 1 with an Essential Mix "This runs the gamut, freak flag and spliff waving in the air. 2 brutal and beautiful hours of raw beats, boom bap, and Birdman. There is psych-rock, there is juke, there is Spaghetti Western. Exclusives from Lotus, HudMo, and Dilla." If you like what you hear, there's even more below the break.

Though Bensussen has been DJing for quite a while, he hasn't released that many original works. His wide accolades came for his work on Gonjasufi's A Sufi and a Killer (prev). It wasn't until last September that the first Gaslamp Killer album, Breakthrough (YT playlist), was released.
It's a run of occasionally disorienting, sometimes frantic, usually unnerving trips into distinct corners of psychedelic and experimental influence that spark briefly to reveal vivid life and fade out just as quickly.
With that, there are quite a few of his mixes online, giving a broader view of his musical influences and tendencies. A whole lot more: Interviews with The Gaslamp Killer:
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Strike that "19" Low End Theory Club podcast count; they're up to 23.

Inspired by empath's past Essential Mix posts: Mat Zo's journey through uptempo dance music with Carl Sagan quotes and Nicholas Jaar's spacious mix (which he has since posted as a "No BBC" edit to download, though it's M4A for those who care).
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Every time I see an Essential Mix post, I tell myself I'll listen to the show more often, but I never do. I just wait for the next Essential Mix post, because it'll be awesome.
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The trick is, there are so many damned weekly (and daily!) sources for new mixes, it's often nice for someone to highlight the peaks.
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Clearly what we need is an Essential List of Essential Mixes
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OK, that transition out of "Idioteque" was great.
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I love that Gonjasufi album so much, so I'm looking forward to digging into some of this. Thanks for the post!
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When I saw "Birdman", I jumped to the conclusion it was Radio Birdman. Nonetheless this looks like a pretty choice mix. Dancefloor-clearing DJs are the best, anyway. Anyone who stops the poseurs bumping around like fleas and leaves space for the folks who like music deserves a medal.
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As a resident of the neighborhood next to the Gaslamp I can totally see where he got his name. His stuff is just too unconventional for the Gaslamp clubs. That he chose to use the label as a badge of honor now he's in Los Angeles is great. I'll be listening to more of this today.
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The album was pretty good i thought, and i will qualify that by saying that at 34 and a ex-dj, i have been burnt out on downtempo and breaks for a long time.

The drums on this song "Keep it Simple Stupid" are absolutely phenomenal, and I've been looking for more info on this Shigeto character for a while.
Keep it Simple Stupid (youtube)

Nissim (youtube) is just beautiful music , and reminds me of Taksim, a favorite track of mine from the old Jajouka album. if anyone knows of oud (?) albums for me to look out for the appreciation would be tremendous.
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I'm really enjoying this. Great musical wave to begin my Sunday. Thanks.
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Three quarters of the way through this amazing mix. Lovely stuff. And everybody looking for more EM and every other mix ever posted, seemingly, y'all know about, yeah? Very easy to find stuff and filtering free stuff is always less stressful for me than buying mixes.
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Okay so for me, here in Australia, this Essential Mix is "No Longer Available"... So here's the inevitable Soundcloud rip.
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Thanks for the tip, PG.
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cool, yeeah it wasn't working for me here in Canada either so thanks. I listened instead to the Boiler Room mix and it fucking rocked my socks off (ok no, I wasn't wearing socks to begin with). It really goes all over the place ... I was heading into the shower and there was somekind of robotic dark electro beat thing playing, and when I stepped out of the shower it was a mix of Hendrix playing the anthem at Woodstock and Pink Floyd's Great Gig In The Sky ... had to double check it was still Gaslamp.
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Yeah, the BBC link has expired, but the following link has the Soundcloud stream/download embedded. Thanks for the direct link, Jimbob.

Also: MixesDB, previously (also posted by empath).
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I firmly believe that there can't be too many Essential Mix posts. Especially when they're as detailed as this one.
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Also posted by empath.

Always the bridesmaid
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Sorry, milarepa! Your post has links to a few other great sites, too.
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I guess people not dancing, are people drinking and talking. Interesting.
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Basically any mix that starts off with Wendy Carlos is a-ok in my book.
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Gaslamp Killer rules
Gonjasufi rules
this post rules
Filthy Light Thief, you rule

'Proximal Records' is an overlooked (IMHO, posting from rural Mittelamerica) player in the SoCal (LAcentric) beats-scene. They put out free/downloadable "Beat Stews" that are always enjoyable. Daedelus and Shlohmo were on their first proper release (compilation "Narrative of a City")... ...

not quite as psychde/all-over-the-place-in-a-good-way as Gaslamp Killer but still good, and appropriate to drop in, I think
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Unknown – O Babuaa Yeh Mahua

asha bhosle - really, i know little about bollywood and i knew it was her ... the bbc needs to do better lists ...
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Oh my god, that little Trent Reznor bit in there is genius.
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for the first 30 or 40 minutes, i was just thinking it was an ok IDM mix until he threw louis armstrong in there and followed it up with nine inch nails - after that, it's been very interesting
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