Kitty Work It!
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The music video for "I Don't Wanna Dance" by Alex Gaudino ft. Taboo takes the form of an aerobics class for kitty cats.
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Kitty Bios
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Not so much a music video as a viral ad for Whiskas All Natural Temptations cat treats. Here's the website.
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Whiskas Blue?
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On the one hand, blatant commercial. On the other hand, kitties working out.

Is there a "astroturfing" like word to describe an attempt to create a viral video by an ad agency?
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I was surprised to see them using the Temptations cat treats instead of some generic fake treat name like "Kitty Crunchies," then I realized it was an ad.

Also? How bad is it that a) I want to see the outtakes and b) I'm wondering how much of it was CGI?
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I had the same thought - how much CGI, what are the outtakes like and if I tried any of that with my cats I'd need stitches.
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Black cat at 2:16 has a burly, burly tail.
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This is the best thing. There is no more better thing than this.
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I really needed this after reading the Cleveland thread. It restores my faith in sentient beings.
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I'm assuming that this is far more about green screen and editing than actual CGI. There are a few actions that look unnatural in themselves, but most of it looks like things that you could get a cat to do once or twice with a bit of coaxing.

I'm curious: did the desire to make a music video come first, or did the desire to make an ad come first. The later I assume.
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I'd bet there are HOURS of outtakes for that short video,

and I'd bet some are spectacular!
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