December 1, 2001
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To celebrate World AIDS Day, MetaFilter is going to focus solely on HIV and AIDS related posts for the next 24 hours. Like last year's Day Without Weblogs on MetaFilter, this year's Link and Think project asks everyone to think about the issues surrounding this disease, how it has affected you, others, and the world. Feel free to share information on prevention, research, or anything else related to the topic at hand.
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Here's the latest Aids Epidemic Update from UNAids. More than 28 million people are living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa, of whom 3.4 million have been infected this year, mainly through heterosexual sex. In Zimbabwe, Aids accounts for around 70% of all children dying under the age of five. It is the most devastating disease in the world, especially South Africa, and yet SA President Thabo Mbeki still harps on about "germs" and the "sin of lust" - and refuses to face the severity of the Aids crisis in his country.
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For reference: Puget Sound Blood Center's Information for All Donors About AIDS. Please remember, it is not possible to get any disease by donating blood.
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umm yeah.. aids..
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here's a thought:
is the fashion for onanistic online sexual gratification a reaction to the dangers of real sex?
'beneath the gaudy trappings and superfluous surface of contemporary smut there lies a humorless plane on which fun and inner discovery have been replaced with a sterile and commerce-driven industry adrift in mall mentality and a constant AIDS fear. '
Sex, American Style.

Side order;
'wank-booths' are an american invention.
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