Do you wear headphones? Do you like skeletons?
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How about dancing Canadian skeletons? Avec les sous-titres et sonnaille. Introducing mounties, a new Canadian supergroup formed by Hawksley Workman with Hot Hot Heat frontman Steve Bays and Limblifter/Age of Electric member Ryan Dahle.

It's rather catchy and an early contender for my song of the summer.
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When I first saw "dancing Canadian skeletons" I thought this was going to be about Les Squelettes from Téléfrancais!

And I was right, kinda, clearly someone tried to teach someone in this band French with this particular set of vaguely surreal short films.
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When I first saw "dancing Canadian skeletons" I thought of the video for No One Does It Like You, although I guess those are more like dancing ghosts and terroristas or whatever. But they are Canadian by virtue of being the products of Marcel Dzama's imagination.
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Oh man, Hawksley Workman! There was a year in college where I would. not. stop. listening to Striptease. The Delicious Wolves was a fantastic album. Thanks for the heads-up, the new song is pretty great.
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Aw yeah, Hawksley's the best.

Smoke Baby was my college favorite.
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I've been hearing this song on the radio. I had no idea who was behind it. I dig it. And, as long as Hawksley is as delightfully weird when performing with this group as he is when he's doing his solo thing, I will absolutely pay to see them in concert.
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I don't wear headphones, but I use them on occasion, for listening to recordings. They're a device for the reproduction of sound, not a fashion accessory.
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Strange to hear Hawskley singing in someone else's band. I like it though.
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Goofyy, I wore my Walkman and headphones constantly from ~'83 until maybe '92. I got to choose my own soundtrack without forcing it on anyone else and it was a great excuse not to listen or talk to anyone.

Tinnitus, what's that?
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