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Newegg, who previously fought to free the online shopping cart wins another patent case on appeal together with against Alcatel.

This time Alcatel used a patent bombing model using thousands of patents acquired from Lucent to sue companies, hoping for settlements rather than trials. This particular appeal ruled that the defendants did not infringe on a software patent that allows computers to adapt web sites to display properly on specific screen sizes (invalidated as obvious). During the appeal, one representative couldn't even identify which patents they were suing the defendants for.

Alcatel also lost out to Apple and LG in December 2012 for patents covering video-compression technology that allows data to be sent more efficiently over communications media, including the Internet and satellites, or stored on DVDs and Blu-Ray disks.
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Newegg just won my business forever.
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I have a sudden urge to buy some electronics.
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I love Newegg, and am very glad to have been using them for so long. I like it when companies that do right by their customers(in as far as I've experienced) have such victories. Give me a sense of justice in the world.
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These Alcatel-Lucent patents are ones that came from the original Bell labs, the hotbed of American innovation. To see them reduced to part of a patent troll's portfolio is ... just sad.
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America! Spending every day finding new ways to make money without actually producing anything useful.
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(Alcatel is French)
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Whoa, I had no idea the idea of a responsive web design was in court, but thank jeebus the judge called it obvious.
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Just want to clarify one thing. The Ars Technica article makes it sound extraordinary that the Federal Circuit summarily affirmed the lower court in one week. Not so -- it happens all the time. If the appeals court doesn't perceive any reversible error in the district court, and doesn't think there are any particularly interesting or thorny or novel issues presented by the case, a summary affirmance will often quickly follow.

Still, though, hurrah.
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Newegg is best egg!
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Alcatel is French

Yep. France has a rather black-and-white, good-guy, bad-guy thing going as far as telecoms and telecoms-related tech are concerned. A lot of the big players do price fixing that's so obvious it hurts (and has been proven time and again in court), as well as other shady stuff, while there are then Robin Hood types taking legal action (thus the proven price fixing), innovating with open-source materials, etc. Alcatel is one of the former, goes without saying.
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ROU_Xenophobe: (Alcatel is French)
The court case and patent claims were in American.
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As long as they're doing this, I wish Newegg would spend a bit of money to update their own website. It's silly that I still can't change to a different form of tender (e.g., change of credit card numbers) for anything that I have pre-ordered at Newegg without canceling and placing the order again.
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The court case and patent claims were in American.
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Newegg / Overstock are the first place I'll search for anything online.

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I was with the old Newegg, before they were stupendous.
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These Alcatel-Lucent patents are ones that came from the original Bell labs, the hotbed of American innovation. To see them reduced to part of a patent troll's portfolio is ... just sad.

I worked a few days on that site as a contractor years ago, right about when all the old Lucent logos had just been covered over with cheap "Alcatel / Lucent" vinyl banners. I had to wait quite some time in the lobby as my contact made his way from the depths of the building to badge me in, so meanwhile I examined the museum. There were five nobel prize medallions on display, of which one was sitting next to the transistor. Later it turned out that I'd be working in the same room it had been built in, but not knowing this I just sat on the floor and communed with it through the display glass for several minutes.

This story, of course, adds nothing to the thread, nor to what RedOrGreen said. It's fucking sad.
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Oh, the other cool thing about that building is there's a bust of Claude Shannon in it that's about twice as large as the one of Bell. In case anyone was wondering.
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Now I'm glad I just bought my new laptop from Newegg.
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Downside: Overstock can continue to afford its ridiculous name for the Oakland Coliseum.
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These days it is so rare when I hear anything good about the big corporations I buy things from that this makes me feel great.
A company in the news for doing things right instead of secretly screwing everyone over for years? I can get down with that.
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Here again is a link to Ars's interview with Newegg's lawyer in case anybody missed it the first time around.
Just in our experience, we've been hit by companies that claim to own the drop-down menu, or a search box, or Web navigation. In fact, I think there's at least four that claim to 'own' some part of a search box.

It's actually surprising how quickly people forget what Lemelson did. [referring to Jerome Lemelson, an infamous patent troll who used so-called "submarine patents" to make billions in licensing fees.] This activity is very similar. Trolls right now "submarine" as well. They use timing, like he used timing.

Then they pop up and say, "Hello, surprise! Give us your money or we will shut you down!" Screw them. Seriously, screw them. You can quote me on that.
OH yes.
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