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Electronic band Pigeon perform a medley of DAFT PUNK tunes live in the studio using a microKORG, NORD lead 2x, KORG microsampler, Roland SPD-SX, T.C HELICON Voice Live Touch, Rocktron Banshee Talkbox, Bass, Gibson SG Guitar, Tambourine and a 3 piece horn section.
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Ok, this turned out to be way better than I expected.
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My thoughts exactly!
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this is incredible.
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That looked like a lot of fun.
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One of the best things about Daft Punk's music is how well it lends itself to creative reinterpretation (including by DP themselves, ie. their face-melting live performances).
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Holy shootsnacks are those drums gated! I see overhead mics but I don't think they're being used.
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I mean they must be for the cymbals but I hear no "distance" at all.
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Most awesomeness!

These, erm, Pigeons are now on my radar.
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There's a place on the PIGEON SoundCloud page to download the track if you're into that sort of thing. Which I am.
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Yeah, the drums sound a little bit impossible to me. I'd be extremely interested to see how they managed that sound.

Also: no view of the guy using the talkbox on "Around the World"? What's up wit dat?

Tempo on "Da Funk" seemed a little sluggish.


I'd also love to hear an "acoustic" version of them performing this. (i.e. with everything just playing through amps with a couple of overhead mics picking up the whole room.
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Daft Punk playing new album launch tonight at Wee Waa ... thousands of fans road tripping there right now.

A very interesting choice of venue!
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Ace stuff! Really want to know what's up with the drums though – hidden triggers on the shells playing samples with no micing? Or maybe they are DIing absolutely everything, including triggers for the drums, and then mixing carefully afterwards? That way they'd be capturing his performance (except cymbals?) but not his audio? I totally agreed with Shutterbun – would love to hear the room only.

However they've done it, it's ace.
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Also: no view of the guy using the talkbox on "Around the World"?

I thought maybe they were just triggering a sample, but there appears to be a talkbox tube at 4:41, also around 6:23, so it's there somewhere...

From the homage to the inspiration:

88 tracks that inspired Daft Punk's 'Homework' album: house and techno from New York, Detroit, Paris, London and Chicago as well as tracks from George Clinton, George Duke, Giorgio Moroder, Kraftwerk, Prince and a 1983 electronic obscurity produced by Daniel Vangarde, father of Thomas Bangalter
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What a great bit of music to celebrate meeting that Friday lunchtime copy deadline. Sorry, people upstairs. Apologies, those beneath. And to the ambulance driver going past with all sirens going - if you were temporarily deafened, it'll come back. (Sometimes, only LOUD will do.)

But.. yeah, those drums. And, tbh, the bass. It may be a matter of pride to the Pigeons that they've recreated the sound of a synthesised, sequenced rhythm section so successfully, and if that was their intention then all respect. But it didn't feel live, and given all the effort producing that medley and shooting the video as live, it would have been soooo much more involving to these ears to have broken the shiny just a little.

Still. Joyful noise. Never enough, never enough.
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This is really great. I'd like to here more of the "band," like Devonian says, though. But still, pretty great.

And about the drums: if I were doing this, I'd use the close mics on the kick and snare to trigger samples, and probably just sequence the cymbals, since everything is to a click anyway (yes?). Or have the drummer lay down a take without the band. But probably the samples.
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that looks like a lot of fun
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4:01 proves that the kit drummer is not playing all the drums
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I saw that too, but I wouldn't say "proves" so much as suggests obvious and extensive manipulation. But yeah, this is clearly a "music video," not a performance. Which is okay with me.
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On reviewing the video with a critical eye, I think I'll leave it to Buggles. (warning: adventures in 90s videocap)
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Live Touch, Rocktron Banshee Talkbox, Bass, Gibson SG Guitar, Tambourine

It's a Music Man S.U.B. Bass. Props to the bottom dwellers.
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Also: no view of the guy using the talkbox on "Around the World"?

I thought they were using the vocoder built into the microKORG, which he was playing at the time.
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...nevermind, the talkbox is definitely routed through the vocoder.
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That looks like shitload of fun. My only problem is it sounds too much like the original.
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