RIP Mulgrew Miller
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Jazz pianist Mulgrew Miller is gone too soon at 57. His music lives on, including this streaming NPR recording of the Mulgrew Miller Trio live at the Kennedy Center Jazz Club.
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Frustratingly, the third link isn't live right now, though it was when I made the post (C'mon, NPR!). Here's an alternative option for you.
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Nate Chinen's obituary is well done. Miller was indeed a "fixture," and it's appropriate to acknowledge that his sideman work overshadowed his work as a leader and to pat him on the back for it. Mulgrew Miller was one of those players who, if you were a jazz fan, you might not have owned one of his records but you definitely owned records that he played on.
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Saw him playing with Tony Williams (another taken too young) years ago.
He was a terrific talent.
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Echoing a sentiment expressed upthread: Damn. Saw him play a couple of times, and he was a terrific all-around jazz pianist.

He also seems to have been very well regarded among his peers, and the interviews I've seen/heard suggest that he was a very likeable, down-to-earth person. Condolences to the family.

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Here's an alternative option for you.

Thanks for that .kobayashi. And for the FPP. I came back to it this morning and was disappointed to find the NPR link was dead. Listening to those tracks now and enjoying them immensely.
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That NPR killed that link -- which is the only thing I can conclude, given that the surrounding NPR links are still active -- is colossally disappointing, and leads me not to trust the other NPR link either. I don't have any other good streaming sites. But here's an hour-long youtube interview that folks might find interesting.
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I gave my parents Live at Yoshi's a while back and we both love that album. He really was a fantastic piano player. Very sad to leave early.

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And it looks like the NPR link in the post is now once again active. Huzzah!
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Sad news indeed. Remarkably, Miller played on more than 500 albums in less than 35 years. (And, obviously, is featured on many YouTube videos.) A class act indeed. He died in Allentown PA, where the local paper had this to say.
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