Ghost Dinosaurs in the Park
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The whimsical and awe-inspiring light art of Darren Pearson. Just how does he capture those skeletons on camera? Previously.
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I like light-drawn art, and I applaud Darren for showing the botched attempts (you have to mouse-over to see the less-than-great attempts, so it might not work on tablets).
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Light is so hot right now.
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That's awesome. This is something I've tried and mostly failed at, on a smaller scale than drawing a T-rex. It takes a certain sense of space, and probably a lot of practice.
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I was just thinking he must need to do so many takes. It's like speed-sketching blindfolded.

Also awesome: Animations.
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filthy light thief, your link got botched.

Holy shit: just watched a video, and he really does freehand it. Sure, lots of people freehand art, but most of them can see what they're drawing - or at least the edges of the "paper"!
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Unbotched link, found via his page on how light painting works.
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