Progressive policing
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Progressive policing It's also a great way to avoid a hangover .... never get sober ...
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Marge: I'll just have a cup of coffee.
Bartender: Beer, it is.
Marge: No, I said "coffee".
Bartender: "Beer"?
Marge: [slowly] Coff-ee.
Bartender: Be-er?
Marge: C -- O --
Bartender: B -- E --
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the old canadian hangover cure -- beer!
posted by palegirl at 1:41 AM on December 7, 2001

Vegies get more appeal as Aussies lose thirst for beer! Good thing! Australia's high incidence of violent crime and domestic violence was directly linked to the population's massive beer intake, a crime expert said... (What does it say about Oz that math is taught in part with beer statistics!)
posted by Carol Anne at 4:48 AM on December 7, 2001

In the US at least, it is the height of stupidity to require all bars to close at a specific time. It makes for a rush of drunks on the road all at once. Granted, people shouldn't drink and drive, but you know they're going to. So leave the bars open all night and let 'em trickle out when they're ready. Also gives 'em a chance to drink coffee or soda, get something to eat, and sober up before leaving.
posted by yesster at 6:14 AM on December 7, 2001

Carol Anne, I suggest you read Drunken Comportment before you automatically accept the link between alcohol use and crime and violence.

MacAndrew & Edgerton's celebrated Drunken Comportment was published in 1969 and, I believe, was almost instantly recognized as a landmark ethnographic work in our little alcohol research collegium. Drunkenness, these authors showed, was subject to widely varying cultural expression. Instead of representing the lapse in cultural norms and controls, drunken behavior turned out to follow its own sets of understandings -- a "within-limits clause" that bore each culture's distinctive shape. .
posted by y2karl at 8:36 AM on December 7, 2001

I am completely in favor of leaving the bars open full time.

I live in Starkville Mississippi, home of Mississippi State University (not exactly a small school) and we have some great laws. Our bars close at Midnight, you can't buy cold beer at stores (keeps you from grabbing a cold one on the way home from work... right), and of course, no alcohol on Sundays.

Of course, this is all to protect the public at large from drunk drivers. Our city council recently voted to allow cold beer sales and bars staying open until 1am. The mayor shot it down, then the council couldn't get enough votes to push it through again.

Of course, our mayor can't even drive when he's sober. He ran into TWO parked cars in the alley behind our office last week. The best part? He accused my boss of causing the accident. Seems the spot that my boss has parked his tiny BMW in for the past two years is a terribly dangerous place to park, causing the mayor to swerve his city-owned vehicle into two other parked cars to avoid it.

The mayor actually sent a Police Officer over to tell us this. The Officer was none to happy with having to deliver this message, but was merely performing his duty. Oh man I WISH they would try to take that one to court!
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