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El-P (also known as El-Producto, formerly of Company Flow), founder of Definitive Jux and producer and rapper of note, and often political rapper (don't call him one), "mayor of Atlanta underground rap" Killer Mike have teamed up to release a free mixtape. It has already gotten some good reviews. (El-P Killer Mike, and R.A.P. Music previously, previouslier.)
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Though I don't smoke much anymore I am picking up a Run the Jewels tour-branded grinder at the merch table on the 11th. #soexcited
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Both Killer Mike and El-P spit fire all over Run the Jewels, often trading verses in an almost Run-DMC/J5 fashion, but with new school flow and production. Also, Big Boi and Prince Paul make memorable guest appearances. It doesn't sound "free mixtape" quality at all.
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You can actually buy it on vinyl if you're so inclined, so it may be better to think of it as another experiment with making money from albums in the age of the Internet.
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"eloquent as the president" is a line that could not have been spit out during Bush's administration.

good stuff.
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I was just listening to this while working out. It's good.
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"R.A.P. Music" got me excited about hip hop again, something I didn't think was possible. Killer Mike and El-P together again? Shit, you know you're in trouble son. Can't wait until August 10th!

Oh yeah, "Run the Jewels" is easily five mikes.
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Hoo man, this is good so far. Thanks for the link!
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A bit of a derail, but Joey Bada$$ also dropped a new mixtape today.
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Seems like all the best hip-hop is free lately. Chance the Rapper - Acid Rap is another great freebie from a few months back..
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Heck yes, these are some good raps.
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Also, is it just me or does the backing to that Joey Bada$$ mixtape feel like it has a lot of BADBADNOTGOOD or THEESatisfaction feel to it?
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Not familiar enough with BBNG to really be certain, though it feels much more lush than did the first one. Not sure that I actually like it as much, though. I'm not hearing THEESatisfaction in it, but to my ears those women have a very singular sound.
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