Debo Band: Ethiopian pop, and then some
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Debo Band's Ethiopian pop music mixes traditional folk music with American soul and funk rhythms. Listen to their critically acclaimed self-titled album from 2012 for gems such as Akale Wube, Not Just a Song, Asha Gedawo, And Lay and Habesha.
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I saw them opening for the Alabama Shakes in Boston last year! They were fantastic live, so fantastic that I was actually a little disappointed when I got home and listened to the album, which is pretty good in itself. But do see them live if they get near you.
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I'm loving this! I'd never heard of them before; thanks for the post.
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hah, awesome stuff!
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Debo Band is great! I discovered them on NPR because apparently I've turned into my Dad and I find out about cool music through NPR. They're now a go-to choice to get a party goin' in my house.
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Yes! Saw them at the YMCA in Cambridge a few years ago, along with the dancers from Fendika. Awesome.
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If you like Debo Band, you might also enjoy Akale Wube, a contemporary French Ethio-jazz group.

(And, of course, you might also enjoy the Ethiopiques albums, Mulatu Astatke, Hailu Mergia, Getatchew Mekurya, Mahmoud Ahmed, etc.)
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There's another great band with the same theme. Bole2Harlem, Bole being Addis Abbaba's main airport. Nice stuff too.

Hoya Hoye - Bole2Harlem [SLYT]
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