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Rainn Wilson, former beet farmer and paper salesman, interviews friends in the back of his traveling magical van. Questions focus on belief, the meaning(s) of life, life after death, and other oft-overlooked topics. Features exploding blenders, beards intertwining, suspenders, chess-related nightmares, chicken burgers, and more. (youtube channel) (previously)
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I'm going to say something pretty heretical here: I can't stand The Office.

That said, I saw Rainn Wilson do some talking a couple months ago in Los Angeles, and it was pretty funny and very interesting stuff he was doing. I've got an account on SoulPancake and sometimes it really goes for the deeper and odder questions. It's got a ways to go, but I'll give credit for trying and not being afraid to not quite make it.
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Mephron, if you don't like The Office, check out Wilson's performance as Arthur Martin on Six Feet Under. Arthur is so deeply weird in such an unusual way that he's a lot of fun to watch.
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That Mindy Kaling interview was quite good. A hint of "Between Two Ferns" humor but still captures some honest, genuine conversation. Not sure I've seen that combination achieved elsewhere - kudos to Mr. Wilson (and Ms. Kaling).
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The interviews are enjoyable enough, but the SoulPancake thing feels like schlocky self-help dressed up by a bunch of Los Feliz designers. Introspection is good and has its merits, but I have a difficult time buying into the feelgood claims that these things tend to make.

It fits the zeitgeist of a few neighborhoods in Los Angeles perfectly, just not the one I happen to live in.
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It would be funny if it was the same van from Jon Benjamin Has A Van.
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