Acid and Architecture
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For historical background, I highly recommend an illustrated essay on the Ptak Science Books website, Architecture of Insanity.
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Phantasms crept out of slim gaps between mirrored tiles that lined the hallways, now the hyper-reflective, mocking sheen of a personal Hell that collapsed in on itself the longer Izumi fought, futilely, to look away.

Look, if you know a *better* way to tile your hallways, just say so.
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Great, interesting piece. Mr. Izumi sounds like a real humanist who really considered the mentally ill to be people worthy of respect and dignity, and understood deeply how the space they reside in affects that. I love hearing about people doing work like this.
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2nding what dubitable said. Thanks !
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And now for something completely different: Here Is a Jaguar Tripping on Yage, the Ayahuasca Vine
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