Alexander Whitelaw Robertson Trocchi 1925-84: 'cosmonaut of inner space'
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Alexander TrocchiA Life in Pieces is a short biographical film about the once notorious Scottish writer, provocateur and ‘ungentlemanly junkie,’ including reminiscences from William S. Burroughs and Leonard Cohen.

About Trocchi:
Mean Streets—a 2003 Guardian profile by Tim Cumming.
Walk on Gilded Splinters…—an article by Stewart Home about Trocchi and his circle in ’60s London.
Searching for Hemingway—a piece by Gay Talese about Anglophone literary ex-pats in early ’50s Paris.

By Trocchi:
The opening sections of his novels Young Adam [PDF] and Cain’s Book [PDF].
A Revolutionary Proposal: Invisible Insurrection of a Million Minds and sigma: A Tactical Blueprint—two Situationist screeds.

Also: the transcript of an interview in 1979 between Allen Ginsberg and Trocchi.
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Excellent, cheers. Young Adam is a brilliant book.
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Cain's Book contains a most magnificent paragraph on pinball.
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From an article on cult novelist Alfred Chester: "...Malcolm Nesbit, Chester’s nom de plume for erotic novels like Chariot of Flesh. The year before, Chester/Nesbit had struck up a friendship with the infamous Alexander Trocchi, author of such naughty classics as Helen and Desire. Trocchi recommended his protégé to Maurice Girodias of Olympia Press—Lolita’s first publisher—who paid $500 for manuscripts included in his Traveler’s Companion series. Chester was thrilled, if a bit uncertain how to proceed. “Just take a book you like,” Trocchi advised him, “and add the fucking.” For a model, then, Chester chose a novel by his fellow Olympian Nabokov, and hence Chariot of Flesh is (as one admirer put it) “a kind of sodomized version of The Real Life of Sebastian Knight.”"

It seems like that form of literary plagiarism may have been followed by Kathy Acker as well.
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