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Who needs to wait a week for the Final Eight when instead one can just watch Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical?

Possibly contains spoilers.
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Thank you. That was great!
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Absolutely brilliant. Those kids are amazing.
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Cute + happy to have a fresh Breaking Bad post. I've been re-watching previous episodes to prepare for the rest. I can't get over how good this show has been. The old man/kid streaking by ringing his bell.... ha!
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While my first thought as a self-righteous internet citizen was "what kind of Vice-principal lets them do Breaking Bad the musical, but makes them refer to meth as "candy" the whole time?

This is by Rhett & Link, whose YouTube page has several others, including Star Trek:The Middle School Musical (which has, I shit you not, 2:08 in, a romantic fight between child Kirk and child Gorn complete with double earslap.) I looked for a previously, but was astonished not to find one. It seems like a MeFi shoo-in. Shame on us all.
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To be absolutely clear, the Star Trek musical includes a duet between Kirk and the Gorn that goes:

Gorn: Roar!
Kirk: It's you
Gorn: It's me
Together: Gorn!
Kirk: Will our fighting never end?
Gorn:Why can't we be friends?
Together: I'm torn.
Yes on the outside I know that I'm rude.
But deep down I think you're a pretty cool dude.
Even though we throw boulders there is a deep ocean. (questionable transcription! something devotion?)
I don't want to hurt you, so we fight in slow motion.
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Really really really great. Like great x 1 million. Way better than the actual show. Best thing on earth. Thank you for this precious gem.
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Death and Walter White from MeFi's own Linda Holmes.
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That was amazing.
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Rhett and Link also shot a karaoke video of themselves walking around L.A. singing "All Night Long", all night long (11 hours straight), which makes them pretty cool in my book.
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