Your new Harry Potter crack
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The lives and lies of wizards. Single-serving Harry Potter picture-and-ficlet tumblr.
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God, I am such a huge fan of that tumblr. Every time I read it, I get all eaten-up with jealousy about THIS IS SO GOOD THIS IS SO WELL DONE WHY AM I NOT THIS CLEVER OR GOOD?

My favorite recent one: "I don’t fear this," Fawley told him.
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I liked this one.
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God, this is such a time sink.
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and an hour later i came out of my internet hole and went back to my day
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I love this. People criticise Rowling's worldbuilding but it shines in these character-based ficlets.
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I've always wondered what happens to the children who don't go to magical school, maybe because their parents think it's a bad idea or whatever. Do the wizards just let them be? Do they smile, say "I understand," and scoop out the memories of everyone in the house the second their backs are turned?

Maybe you could have been a wizard or witch, once. You'll never know it now. Someone put their fingers in your head and pulled out the parts they didn't want you to have.
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And that's how you end up with edge cases Like Julia in The Magician King.
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