The Organist is a podcast from KCRW and The Believer Magazine
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The Organist is an arts and culture podcast [iTunes link] from The Believer Magazine and the Californian public radio station KCRW. Each episode is generally a mix of interviews, essays and music. Among the contributors so far have been Nick Offerman, Rachel Kushner, Jonathan Coulton and Matmos. Each podcast begins with a short dramatic monologue, for example episode three starts with Sarah Silverman talking about her pet owl, in a piece written by Alena Smith (Conan O'Brien has another dramatic monologue in the same episode). There have been six episodes so far and they are all worth a listen.
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with Sarah Silverman talking about her pet owl,

So... is that some sexual euphemism I am not familar with?

(Seriously, looks interesting and worthy of adding to my podcast roster.)
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I'm always looking for a great new podcast and this looks interesting. Thanks for posting this!
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I've listened to two episodes of this and it reminds me a lot of A Life Well Wasted, except not gaming-centric. But it's got that same feel of not being afraid of having 5-6 different mediums in one episode: poetry, music, interviews, spoken word, etc.
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One of the best things about Metafilter is getting introduced to new stuff like this. I am a fan of the Believer so this is right up my alley. Listened to three podcasts already. Gracias my friend.
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I listened to the first few minutes of the first episode and disliked it. I love Nick Offerman, but I hate that ironic tone. The contributors look interesting, though, so I want to like it. Does it keep on in the same style?
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No, the dramatic monologues are very different from the rest of the podcast. And each is different from the others.
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Ah, thanks. I'll try some more, then.
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What a fantastical potpourri of bizarre. I didn't really get or like it at first, but I listened to the Franco one with Cave's horses and it all became amusing and delightful. Will definitely have to be in the mood for it, but when I am it should hit the spot squarely.
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