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Njideka Akunyili's acrylic painting over photocopies combines figurative, domestic scenes with the cacophony of globalism and traditional decorative motifs.
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Oh, these are fantastic and remind me of the work of Romare Bearden, who is a favorite of mine. Thanks for posting!
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I'm betting the pixilated representation loses a lot.

Still, wow.
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I wonder if they're archival.
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Oh, weird, looks like none of my comments from earlier today posted (I can't imagine I got deleted across the board):

I doubt they're archival, because while the xerox transfers can be put on archival paper, I doubt that the toner itself is. Possible, though, especially if she's being vague about "xerox transfers" and means some other process based on static xerography.
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If it's just black toner it will be archival if the paper is archival. Color is harder.

I like the way in which these are clearly conscious intentional riffs on Bearden's work. Really interesting images!
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