"I would imagine that I was, y'know, chillin'."
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A Week With Action Bronson 'A highly stoned, deeply weird, very food-obsessed three days on the road with 300-pound Albanian American rapper Action Bronson' (SLGrantland)
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Two Action Bronson albums: Blue Chips, Rare Chandeliers.
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I really want to hang out with him and Riff Raff.
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"I was like, 'Fuck that — I'm not going to steal shit no more. It's bad karma,'" Bronson says. "I just got on my shit and started selling drugs."

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box: "'highly stoned [...] very food-obsessed"

These two things may be related.
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i love that the person closest to wu tang right now is a giant albanian, that says something and i have yet to figure out what. saab stories might be the album of t he year
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Just farming melons.
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I'm not convinced that Action Bronson isn't the result of a Freaky Friday style body switch involving Ghostface Killah and Mario Batali.
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His cooking videos on youtube are a blast, definitely recommend them.
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