Hitotsu no Namida
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yu-ra (Google translation) are (were?) a Japanese duo who've produced an eclectic mix of beautiful, layered, often ethereal music.

Some of Yu-Ra's work (translation) was produced by Robin Guthrie, late of Cocteau Twins, who said "It took me everywhere. And I thought, 'I want to be a part of it'." (Translation.)

One of the members, Ritsuko, now has a solo site as Rico Piano (translation). She also tweets and has one solo piano video up on YouTube ("This Street").

Links to specific songs: Inspired by.
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It's hard to find much more about Ritsuko, or really anything at all about Kumi. Let me know if you have better success!
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(I've been wondering what you were referencing over there!)

These are lovely. The Guthrie connection makes perfect sense; "Alive" and "Fish" in particular sound like Cocteau Twins filtered through Japanese aesthetics.

Thanks for putting them on my radar!
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