When Amazon said it was going to diversify, who knew that they meant vibrators!
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When Amazon said it was going to diversify, who knew that they meant vibrators! They've done so well establishing themselves as THE place to go when looking for books online. Why is it that they think that they have to sell XXX stuff to finally turn a profit? Is it really impossible to make money on an eCommerce site without delving into the world of Adult accessories? I'm not judging, I'm just asking.
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AstroGlide delivered to my doorstep! This represents a major leap in consumer science!
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Gotta love the comments, though.
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here's the link without the affiliate code. And the product is from drugstore.com. It only shows up on Amazon due to their partnership.
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That's one gift down *checks off list*.
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Aww, now my "Store You Made" is gonna be all icky for a while.
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what's the matter anildash, don't you want Tony to get a new car?
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I don't see what's adult about this. They're simply personal massagers, for knotted neck muscles. The lubricant is for legitimate medical problems that some have with dryiness. How could you possibly imply anything untoward in these items?

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"For novelty use only"

What does that mean?
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Well, like this :

*places two vibrators on head, and makes mooing sounds*

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Check the description for the "Related Item", the Vibratex Rabbit Habit: "Vibratex™ Deluxe Vibrators' unique design is the result of a centuries-old Japanese tradition of exploring sensual delights. Featuring the ancient artistic practice of depicting faces of people and animals, an art form which dates back to the era of the Shogun when craftsmen were prohibited from making sex toys resembling male genitalia. "
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Interestingly, the page appears to be their internal portal to drugstore.com stock. It might have little to do with Amazon and everything to do with a dotcom that's having an even tougher time. Search there for "vibrator" and you'll get a rather broad selection as well, including the genuine "Doc Johnson iVibe" available in several translucent flavors including blueberry. Really...
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Life imitates art.
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Uhm, I liked "Ghost Soldiers." Does that mean I'll like all that stuff too?
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It's good to know I could ship one of these to someone in the US before Xmas Eve using standard shipping. Should I use gift wrap?
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NsJen, The adult toy biz is unregulated, so everything has to be labelled "For Novelty Use" to prevent the govt. from having to *cough* get its hands dirty dealing with 12" dildos, etc.
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Amazon has diversified into everything from toys to sunblock to cars. You single out the adult products and wonder why, when they're a perfectly good candidate for online retail. They're embarrassing for many to buy in person (already heavily catalogue-driven). They're high-margin. And they benefit from user reviews and other product info and decision-making features of sites like Amazon's (since lots of people have no clue what to get and need help exploring products).
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Life imitates art.

Wow, this funny movie is still available from Sleepness Knights Media. Amazing that Apple didn't have them yank it yet (no pun intended).
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What's wrong with selling vibrators? People are way too sexually repressed in this country. Amazon isn't becoming morally corrupt because it's admitting that people masturbate.

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What thebenny said. Did you see that one of the related products is called 'The Flabbergasmic™ Eroscillator' - wow! that's a mouthful..
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Is That a Perfectly Legal, Anatomically Correct Condom Education Model, or Are You Just Happy to See Me? Be careful how you answer, MeFiers, depending on where you live.

Instead of supporting Jeff Bezos, why not buy your erotic toys on-line from small, women-owned businesses? (No affiliate code involved!)
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Back in the heady days of 1998, when Amazon opened the video store, they had a huge internal debate as to whether or not "adult" titles should be stocked. The final verdict was forego the easy money and remain family-friendly.

Yahoo went the other way earlier this year.

I'm surprised that they didn't tell their friends at Drugstore to edit the adult products out of the catalog they distribute through Amazon.
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But don't you see, it's all about Safe sex (there are plenty of condoms) and saving oneself for the 'right' person

Okay, it might be quite a stretch to include AstroGlide in the safe sex theme (pun unintended).
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