is cool...
April 12, 2000 10:02 PM   Subscribe is cool... I just noticed ACiD redesigned it's main page. It's good to see groups like ACiD and iCE are still organized producing art. For those who remember those ANSI and BBS days, don't go there expecting to see that sort of stuff.
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Actually, iCE still has all their ANSI art online...some of it is quite impressive.

I miss those days. I really do. Windows ruined everything.
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Yeah! You're right... I didn't dig too deeply into the iCE link, I just added it as an afterthought. But, I went back and wow... I had a ball. And you are right,

Windows did ruin everything.

But, ANSI.SYS still exists, it's buried in the \windows\command\ directory and still loadable from the config.sys... try typing a nice ansi splash screen instead of that miserable window's one at boot up.
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Five years have passed since I ran a WWiV BBS on an old 486/66 with one 14.4 modem. I thought people had entirely forgotten, or worse, that anyone using computers these days never even knew about the underworld circa 1995. Though most of my BBS memories are confined to messages amongst high school kids who ran boards called "Spam Central" and "Crystal Aerie," I had a huge archive directory of ANSI login graphics I was impressed by. Maybe I should go post them to ACiD/iCE?
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