Black Acid Co-op
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Black Acid Co-op is a new installation by Justin Lowe and Jonah Freeman at the Deitch Projects annex on Wooster St. in NYC. It just opened and you can check out a video tour here. It is the third collaboration between the two artists on the same theme. The first version, "Hello Meth Lab in the Sun" was in Marfa, TX and the second incarnation, "Hello Meth Lab with a View" was at last year's Art Basel Miami.
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Cool, it's like a haunted house.
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What strikes me, watching this, is that it could bedoing installations in the visual and concrete arts is strongly analogous to the DIY studio artist running their own recording studio and record label in the music world. With both, you have artists claiming control not only of the art they are making, but the context in which it is presented, the marketing and promotion, and the packaging and ambiance surrounding the work.
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Posted too soon.

Also, this would lead to a greater need for "collaboration", because more names would be presented as the names of artists, whereas they would otherwise be the names of studio musicians, producers and engineers, curators and gallery employees - folks who are not generally presented as collaborators, and definitely never as a member of the band/collective, no matter how much they add to the work.
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Having been in actual heavy dope houses, the "Meth Lab with a View" is pretty close, but they went a little too far with the scuzz. I guess it is art, though, and not a display by the County Sherriff's dept. or something, so they're allowed to exaggerate.
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The video walkthrough with the rambling, extemporaneous commentary, was great and kind of charming.
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I have nothing good to ad, and yet I so, so badly want to.

Show looks good. Deitch is the best curator/gallerist of the last twenty years. And a good guy to boot.
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The photos from the "Hello Meth Lab With A View" installation that I saw a while ago blew me away. I love this work- with its fun house/ anti-fun house aesthetic.
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Walked through it today. The build-out was amazing. Fun house is right. It had the feel of a fun house gone terribly, terribly wrong.
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