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The Hunt's Donuts Story Hunt’s Donuts was a thorn in the side of the police at the heart of a neighborhood that has always been a thorn in the side of the police. .

Hunt’s stories are common to the Mission. They relate a history of Mission criminal ingenuity and straight-up ghetto know-how.

How you felt about Hunt’s Donuts might reveal your position on the changing Mission District.

“Hunt’s was a celebration of all that was undomesticated in the Mission,” says novelist Peter Plate, who set much of his 2001 novel Angels of Catastrophe at Hunt’s Donuts’ scratched Formica tables, and has written 3 other novels set in the neighborhood. “It was lawless and you liked it that way.”

At one point, A cop came in and ordered a coffee. The counter guy took advantage of this moment As the cop took his first sip, the counter guy declared “I’m going to the bathroom. You watch the place for a minute!” and quickly bounded out the door. The cops eyes bulged wide and he almost spit out his coffee, but it was too late. He was stuck. He looked warily around him at the huge crowd of wasted men that was already slowly advancing towards the refill pot. One after another, the men refilled their Styrofoam cups without paying, silently, while the cop surveyed the scene like he was watching a horror movie, maybe “Dawn of the Dead.”
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This is an interesting piece and worthy of an FPP, but it needs about 25 hours of editing. OMG, my brain hurts.
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Sounds like a more impressive version of Seattle's late, ambiguously-lamented Turf. It is the only place in the world where I have seen tables strewn with actual racing forms, a la Raymond Chandler's L.A. Come to think of it, it did have a sort of film-noir-by-way-of-Harmony-Korine vibe.
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Interesting story!
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The Mission District was where my family lived for a bit when I was little. Still have the accent. Few left who do, since it's not the same ethnic composition anymore.
I never hung out at this donut shop.
I hung out elsewhere.
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What, are you paid by the word or something? Please: get a pair of scissors and edit, edit, edit!!!!
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