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This is the story of Charlie Rowan, an undistinguished cage-fighter who faked his own death to start his life anew. What could go wrong?
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The illustrations are amazing. Anyone know what that style is called?
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I don't know, but it's very cool.

This FPP is an interesting bookend to this one, since the latter presumes that you're going to actually plan out how to make it work, not, you know, hang around your small town for weeks after your "death" and then pull off a robbery in a half-assed Batman costume.
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The writer and artist did a very good job with what isn't actually too much of a story.
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Though it's always interesting to read an outsider's evocative descriptions of your home. The writer made it sound like cage fighting is, like, the state sport. "The crude violence and underground feel of cage fighting draw lusty cheers across the state." Yes, indeed. At the elementary school my youngest attends, they do Junior Cage Fighting in PE, right between cup-stacking and the Mileage Club, where they get liitle foot-shaped tokens for walking on their lunch break.
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I tried to read that story and couldn't relate. I am reminded of how lucky I am in May respects and how little I understand of the world .
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Fascinating story, but did anyone else find the NYT article a bit overwritten and hackneyed?
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No, I did not. It was a decent example of feature/magazine writing. (The biggest problem was, as mentioned, that the basic story was a bit thin -- it only had a single M. Night Shyamalan-sized twist.)

The writer made it sound like cage fighting is, like, the state sport.

The legal status of the sport varies widely across the country. It does sound like the sport survives underground most places, but in Michigan in particular, it's completely legal and above board. The aforementioned death has led to more state regulation, something that hasn't even hit the radar in my state.
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@Saxon Kane
Yes at least one other person (aside from you and me) had a problem with the writing.
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It was meant to be pulpy. How did you miss that? The motion comic art?
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Well, it may be some flashy writing, but the Times piece is certainly more entertaining than Vice's. And Palahniuk suddenly feels like a visionary...

I work with an amateur MMA guy and have known quite a few folks, male and female, who've been in and out of the ring. They're all great people and it makes you think about why someone would jump into this dangerous sport. I see it as the cousin to working in porn.

You won't make a lot of money, but you will get to do something you really enjoy that's generally frowned upon by society. You can't do it forever. It's only for the young (in any real sense). It's best with some actual showmanship. The amateur version is taking over the professional world.

Now that we have fighting and fucking covered what do we do for fleeing? Oh right, COP SHOWS.
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clever integration of illustrations and parallax slider effects. tho its kind of distracting from the article, since all i was doing was scrolling up and down to make stuff move. and i guess by the last 2 images they ran outta html5 steam.
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"Guns & Stuff"
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It can be pulpy and still not crappy.
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Loved the audio version... killer presentation on the iPhone....
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This made for interesting reading. Who the hell thinks they can blithely declare themselves dead and not worry about the impact on their family?
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