Kumar Valavhadas Pallana (1918-2013)
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5 Minutes With Kumar, episodes 2 - 3 - 4
The Rituals of Kumar

An interview with Kumar Pallana (1918-2013).
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Who is that man?
(That's Apple Jack, come on!)
Mr. Littlejeans
Kumar the Safecracker
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I enjoyed his performance as Purdeep in Another Earth.
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Oh, shit, man.

I love him. These are wonderful. Thanks.
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"I blew it, man."
"Kumar, what were you doing in the freezer?"
"I don't know, man; I lose my touch, man!"
"Did you even have a touch to lose, man?"

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What a life.
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Best life ever, man.

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Der he go.

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Royal: He saved my life, you know. 30 years ago, I was knifed in a bazaar in Calcutta. He carried me to the hospital on his back.
Ari: Who stabbed you?
Royal: He did.
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I moved to California about 9 years ago. I learned he was living in Oakland. I wanted to make a pilgrimage but never did. I wanted to do something like the Holiday Matinee people did. While it is interesting to see him in an informal setting, their videos seem slightly exploitative, self congratulatory towards the filmmaker, and badly shot.

Here he is spinning seven plates at once, from the Royal Tenebaums bonus features.

Here he is spinning two plates. The amount of dedication he has to his craft is incredible!

Here is his obituary from The AV Club.

They link to a great interview with him from The Believer from 2003.

There is never any mention of his wife, besides that he decided to get out of show business and raise a family and these are his kids. I wonder if he stopped getting booked in the sixties or if he just had enough, or if she just had enough. "I am always single," he says in the fourth Holiday Matinee video.

"My brother said, “Why not come to Africa?” So I get excited but I didn’t know Africa was not like Bombay and New York. It was a jungle, like South Dakota, North Dakota. "

I also wonder why he stopped appearing in Wes Anderson movies. It was such a disappointment when he wasn't in Life Aquatic.
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I decided to watch Rushmore last night (I've seen it 5 billion times so it's a good background movie for me at this point when I just need some comfort while doing other stuff). I didn't realize watching it was going to be a tribute to him.

He's one of my favorite parts of that movie -- when he keeps backing up from Bloom's runaway car and the "Best play ever, man" bit. Just how much he inhabited a character who had such little screen time stuck with me.

I am sad I didn't know much about him before this, but it seems he had a pretty interesting life. Good for him.
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Thanks GregorWill for the Royal Tenenbaums bonus features video. I looked and looked for that but couldn't find it.
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