Storyboard 75: The big book of narrative
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Since the first stirrings of the Nieman Foundation’s narrative writing program nearly 20 years ago, the staff has tended a treasure trove of resource material devoted to excellence in journalistic storytelling. Much of that material went online first via the Nieman Narrative Digest and, in 2009, here at Nieman Storyboard. Storyboard 75 represents some of the most popular posts from our archive so far. Essays, interviews, how-to’s and analyses of narrative journalism.
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First comment? Dammit. I have nothing witty to say! Bad new MeFi member. Lurk more.

I'm not a writer, but I relate to Starlee Kine's words in lots of ways. Example:

"Because if you’re bored or if you’re traveling and you don’t know what to do, you can just go out and at least you can tell yourself you’re looking for a story and everything automatically takes on this like extra, like kind of color to it."

Right. Life becomes extra-vivid, which can make storytelling (or creative projects in general) awesomely fun as long as you stay in that mindset. If I'm not reading too much into it, and I might be, this mental exercise is how I stay sane in the midst of activism that involves the worst of humanity, or relatively sane. Because it can all be spun into a story.

But storytelling isn't always in the form of novels, comics, or fanfic. Sometimes stories are lived. A new friend introduced me to "transmedia storytelling", which absolutely incorporates the wisdom of these storytellers.

Great find! I'll be digging around for a while.
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This reminds me of my journalism courses, where I turned in my assignments late because I never figured out what I wanted to write. That anyone can write anything at all, make their deadline, and then talk about it as though they didn't hate what they had written, fills me with the anxiety I felt as I wondered what subjects I could research within the little time I had.

Memories aside, I've liked each piece I've read so far. I wish I'd known of Storyboard 75 when I was in college.
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If you don't have the Nieman Labs iPhone app you need to get it. It's one of my daily reads.
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