The Lost Vacaville Tapes
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"​How does one summarize over 40 years of wrongful conviction, inhumane treatment, character assassination & false imprisonment? Like most true Artists, Charles Manson does it through his craft." The Lost Vacaville Tapes, a new 33 1/3 vinyl album by Charles Manson, is now available for purchase for $69.99. The first 200 (out of a run of 1000) are hand numbered and "will include something owned, used, or worn by Charlie himself." posted by macadamiaranch (9 comments total)

This post was deleted for the following reason: Eh, exploitative release of older crappy recordings by famously insane guy turns out to make for a bad record? I can appreciate the cultural weirdness at the center of it but as actual post content this is kind of thin. -- cortex

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No, now, KokuRyu, let's be even-handed and fair about this.

Completely vile.
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I'll keep it curt, vile.
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I think I'll wait a . . . vile
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How does it work in the USA? Can he directly or indirectly profit from sales of his music, while being in prison?

{Follows links} Uh, a Kickstarter?! Seriously? Also; what the 2 backers of the Kickstarter at $1,000 get. Words fail ...
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When I was in jr. high school or thereabout, there was a whole bunch of kids, the same kids who would read No One Here Gets Out Alive and think Jim Morrison was just the shit, who would read Helter Skelter and go on to talk about how cool Charles Manson was.

Do kids still do that or have they gone on to worship O.J. Simpson or some other, more contemporary, murderer?
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When I was in high school, I worked at a used book/comics store, and this older kid – I was the Gothiest kid at my high school, but this guy was that kind of inadvertant-Gothy-because-he-was-just-damn-creepy - used to skulk around, looking for issues of Hellraiser and bugging us to order Fangoria even though it wasn't a comic and wasn't carried by any of our distributors.

He swore up and down that he owned a clown painting by John Wayne Gacy, bought from somebody through the Fango classifieds. I have no idea if he was telling the truth or not, but pre-Internet, people still found a way to actualize these kinds of projects.

I think I used to have a CD of Manson's first album, bought for $1 on a whim when Sunrise records was going out of business around 1994. It was unremarkable.
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I also don't think many of the comments in this thread so far some off as very sincere.

Vile like you mean it, guys.
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