A Relationship in Five Minutes
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It was probably the cap on the toothpaste that did it. Matthew Flynn and Autumn Stein improvise a video that distils an entire relationship into 5 minutes.
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I think you meant to post this to AskMe... tagged with "relationships", didn't you?
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About 3 minutes too long.
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Well, that was depressing. Perhaps the young Japanese people being discussed upthread have been watching this video. That would explain their lack of interest is sex and relationships.
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An entire relationship in 5 minutes? Like the 33 years my wife and I have had together? No?
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This is pretty good. It's not great improv but it's above average and I like the presentation. I'd love to see this as a series.

Dude led every 'scene' though. Needs to shut up and listen more. /improvnerd
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An entire relationship in 5 minutes?

His relationships usually don't end that quickly.
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There is enough recognizable truth in this piece to where I thought it was pretty clever. My freshman year of college I was in one of these "constantly break up and get back together" relationships. I'm not sure what was more embarrassing: having to sheepishly admit to my friends that we had gotten back together after having just made a grand pronouncement to anyone who would listen that we had broken up for good or never knowing what our anniversary was since there were at least 5-10 different "start" dates.
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And here's the lesbian version. Warning: hemp socks, cute nicknames and inanimate object viking funeral.
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