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An excerpt from the new book Appletopia: Media Technology and the Religious Imagination of Steve Jobs by Brett T. Robinson.

Robinson is currently Visiting Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Notre Dame business school. An extended abstract of some of the themes of the book is written by Robinson here at the marginalia review. A seven minute interview with the author at BookExpo is on youtube here. A one hour podcast interview with the author on the Expanding Mind show with Erik Davis is here.
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Heretic troll or fanboy acolyte - - you decide.
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Had to stop reading after author described both the Library of Congress and Notre Dame Cathedral as "Baroque". I guess you could make the case for Beaux-Arts being a subset of Baroque, but Notre Dame? Come on--that was hundreds of years before Baroque.
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I've always seen Jobs/Apple as more of a cult than a religion.
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