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Winamp, the classic free MP3 player for Windows (and Android) is shutting down on December 20. First released in 1997, the brains behind the program, Justin Frankel and others at Nullsoft were acquired by AOL were both it's undoing and allowing the company to yield such transgressive programs as Gnutella and WASTE. Frankel moved on and create and develop REAPER, a multi-track audio and MIDI sequencer.
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And thus ends, at long last, the Third Age of Man.
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Damnit! You beat me...
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I and a word.

"Frankel moved on to create and develop..."
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I swiched to Music Bee a few months ago after havign some issues with winamp and not seeing any fixes in sight. Now I need to figure a 3rd party audio player for my Droid; the built in player doesn't really work for me and I liked the sync feature in winamp (when it worked, which was a rarer and rarer occurrence)
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This fucking guy. What an inspiration. Anyone else develop 3 complete game changing applications like that?
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