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The assassination of President Kennedy forced most media in the United States (and beyond) to make some last-minute changes. The long-running Kiplinger Letter had to kill its lead story, "Less than a year until elections…how is Kennedy doing?", which has finally seen the light of day this week, as a historical footnote.

Meanwhile, LIFE Magazine dumped a cover story on college (and future pro) football star Roger Staubach posted by oneswellfoop (14 comments total) 11 users marked this as a favorite
Let's not forget the Senate Committee that was investigating Bobby Baker, and his connection to LBJ on that same day.
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Thanks for the interesting roundup of links, oneswellfoop.

Poynter has an article about The Dallas Morning News retrospective and also includes a list of media live events at the end of the article, broadcast coverage today and over the next few days ... a handy list for history buffs and people who are old (ahem).

The Dallas News roundup includes a one hour video Eyewitness to History that has lots of interviews from reporters and observers who were there. I thought it was pretty good but be warned that there are some fairly gruesome details.

I was a young girl. It was near the end of the school day and the principal came into the classroom to tell us. All the nuns were crying and made us say some prayers, then sent us home. I remember it as The Day of Crying Adults... it was alarming and world-shaking to have every bedrock grownup I knew falling apart with shock and grief. I remembered the gravity and fear rippling around in the Cuban missile crisis, but I didn't really understand that event. This was something I could understand, perhaps my first real understanding of death. I almost couldn't bear the thought of his children and wife no longer having him.

I will never forget seeing Oswald being shot in real time on TV - that was a first. I sat with my Mom and watched the coverage all weekend, and I think that shaped me into the news junkie I am today. Plus, I think of and miss my Mom very much today.

In his first year of the presidency, I had to tamp down real panic feelings about Obama's safety. Even still, I can barely stand to see him in crowds.

I have had Robert Caro's Passages, the most recent volume in the LBJ bio series, sitting in my reading queue. I think I will break it out this weekend to check out the related chapters.
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Here's the Associated Press' file from that day. "The rough draft of history"
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The Kennedy Assassination is a limitless well upon which a complete universe can be built. I am a superficial student of the case and even I have spent days reading different material. Just a couple of weeks ago I discovered something surprising and interesting. This was a theory of the plot to kill JFK where Duvalier, dictator of Haiti, killed Kennedy with voodoo black magic. It's kind of embarrassing what led me to stumble on this, but if you google (JFK, assassination, Duvalier) there is a ton of material. I looked at a few of those google hits and it was great entertainment.

As for it being a sad day in American history, well d'oh!
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Don't forget the last minute Dr. Strangelove edit.
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I was a young girl. It was near the end of the school day and the principal came into the classroom to tell us...

I was sitting in our kitchen, eating lunch at home from school -- to get to my school, I had to walk half a block down our alley, half a block down 12th street and cross a street. In the snow. You kids today have it so easy! -- stting at the little table and eating Campbell's chicken noodle soup and looking at the can when my sister's best friend came over to tell us the news. And at school I heard someone say he wasn't going to heaven 'cause he was a Catholic. And overheard the guidance counselor crack a joke about Nixon's reaction and then the whole school assembly and all that. Most of all, I just remember staring at that soup can and thinking how pretty it was and how I had never noticed that before.
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Don't forget the last minute Dr. Strangelove edit.

Screenwriter Terry Southern had this to say about the pie fight scene in Dr. Strangelove.
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I'm not sure if it needs an FPP of it's own, but if not this is probably an appropriate place to mention that the Boston Globe is live-blogging JFK's visit to Dallas as it happens, November 22, 1963.
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the first bulletin interrupting NBC programming wasn't from one of the regular news reporters, but from staff announcer and future Saturday Night Live fixture Don Pardo.

"...aaaa neeeeeeeew PRESIDENT!"
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The December 3, 1963 issue of Look magazine featured JFK and son on the cover with no mention of the assassination there nor inside the issue. Ah, the joys of going to print...
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Of note along these lines: Phil Spector's Christmas album was released on this date in 1963.
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Also released on that day was The Beatles' second album "With the Beatles" in Great Britain... (their first American release was in January).

...which explains The Dream Academy's lyric in "Life in a Northern Town":
It was the winter 1963
I thought that the world would freeze
With John F. Kennedy and The Beatles

(but no mention of Doctor Who)
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