Great selfie. Not a trace of duckface
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Eagle steals a camera that was set up to film crocodiles, flies off with it and transports it over 100 kilometers. The motion-sensitive camera was triggered three times, so we get to see the young sea-eagle fly away with it, setting it down and pecking at it. The camera was found and recovered through sheer luck. The footage is worth seeing.
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Well, I liked it, but my cat came from ACROSS THE ROOM to look at the birdie.
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You mean the camera wasn't a GoPro?!
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"We knew it was a juvenile eagle because the adult sea eagles, once they get their food or their prey, they usually take it right up into the sky and drop it," he said.

It could have gripped it by the husk.
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Gordafarin: "You mean the camera wasn't a GoPro?!"

This is how viral marketing works. Even when it isn't, it is.
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God DAMMIT we have got to do something about this rampant eagle delinquency.
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The Gooniyandi Rangers.

By the way: Crocodile Meat Trap!
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He got it home and started pecking at it. That's what I do when I've got a new gadget too.
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I wonder what they meant at the end of the article by bolting the camera down. Will they secure it somehow to stakes driven into the earth? Obviously whatever they do can't cause major damage to the habitat they're filming in.
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It's like a really violent unboxing video, from the point of view of the box.
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Something about the attitude of the eagle really looked annoyed or disappointed or something that the camera was not, in fact, edible.
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For a few summers I had about a dozen of these cameras and we have hours of footage of various animals seeing them from a ways away, approaching and staring directly into the lens. Often they would even put their front paws up on the camera so they could really eyeball the lens from close up. Which begged the very important scientific question: how the fuck do they know about lenses?
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Needs more James Franco.
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Prey's-eye view
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I have a shelf above the headboard of my bed that my birds like to hang out on, so I get to see a smaller and cuter version of this pretty much everyday.
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This is what you see before you die.
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Prey's-eye view: Penguin edition
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