Blair to visit the Indian sub-continent
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Blair to visit the Indian sub-continent to defuse the tension in the region. He is expected to arrive in Pakistan on January 7 following visits to India and Bangladesh.
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That's that all sorted out, then.

posted by Hima Otsubusu at 3:33 AM on January 1, 2002

Yeah, look how great the British track record is for making things peaceful in South Asia!

What amazes me is that all this tension is a result of a British desire for tea and spices. The United Kingdom: Our cuisine is so bad, it causes nuclear war!
posted by anildash at 2:35 PM on January 1, 2002

Peter Preston in The Guardian: "Kashmir is part of the mess that Britain left behind. Fifty years on, the mess that we Brits left behind returns to haunt us all. And this time, with this coalition, we need to sort it. We've started: we have to find a finish."
posted by Carol Anne at 4:04 PM on January 1, 2002

Tony Blair off to India, lol, first they create the mess, then come back to try and fix it, I think not, maybe he should look in his own backyard, where the pakistanis, indians and skinheads have a nice healthy relationship going. What a sad excuse for a politician, but then aren't they all...
posted by bittennails at 6:47 AM on January 2, 2002

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