extremely cool site if you like things like this...
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extremely cool site if you like things like this... palindromes, anagrams, spoonerisms, pangrams, oxymora, mnemonics, etymology,
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Pas pome, same pop, ape mops, sea pomp.
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Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog!
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"Use your crust, lad."
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I've been playing Scrabble lately at games.com, but it's a bit depressing, since it slowly dawned on me that 90% of the people there are using online cheats, like logophilia.com, or any of a number of online anagram servers. ::sigh::
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This site is light on content, heavy on ads, and of dubious quality. I wouldn't advise using any of it as any kind of academic resource, particularly because of the common etymological errors. You can do better.
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My fascination with etymology began with my reading Sir Walter Scott's "Ivanhoe." He compared the Old English/Saxon words still used in the barnyard to the Old French/Norman of the dining room; an example: chicken vs. poultry. The era's social stratification was made much more clear to me.
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one things thats always bugged me...whoever invented the word palindrome, why didn't they make the word itself a palindrome? wouldn't that make it easier to remember what the word meant?
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Palindrome literally means in Greek "running back (again)" (palin, "back, again" + dromos, "running").

Pehaps some Mefier could devise a synonym which would be a palindrome.
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Mcsweetie, that's like the joke, why isn't the word Monosyllabic shorter?
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Or the old Steven Wright question, "Why doesn't onomatopoeia sound like anything." A nice list of animal related onomatopoeiac words used from languages around the world, and the sounds that they are copying is at Sounds of the world's animals.
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Gee, braggadacio, I always wanted to write a kid's book on the theme of what do animals say and finally I see the definitive site. I used to always quiz immigrant co-workers on the topic since I found out cats said 'nyaa ' in Japanese--although until I saw this spelling, I would have followed the entry for Greek: "niaou."

I remember one guy from the Phillipines telling me, "Cats? I don't do cats but here's my water buffalo..." There is no way to transcribe what followed but I'd like to assume it was a standard expression.
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satan, oscillate my metallic sonatas.
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But what's another word for thesaurus?
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Osama Palindrome Contest: The Winners (text-only Slate).
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y2karl...that would be a great choice for a kids' book. I'm guessing that young children probably do well with words that are pronounced like an actual sound. Also, choosing animals as the ones who make the sounds gives you a lot of possibilities for illustrations.

A friend's fiancee is from Poland, and we were at a party last Friday night, where she was playing with the host's cats. Maybe it was the accent, but cats in Poland have to sound a lot different than in the US from the sounds she was making... Or maybe it was just my American ears. The cats seemed to understand her just fine.
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2002: the palindrome year; only one per average lifespan, please.
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last one; how come there's only one monopolies commission?
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