At least Roger Corman didn't have a preoccupation with ping pong balls.
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In the mid-1960's, American International Pictures hired director Larry Buchanan to make eight films for television. Their instructions were blunt: "We want cheap color pictures, we want half-assed names in them, we want them eighty minutes long and we want them now."

In the span of four years, Buchanan made his required films and, oh, what films they were. Four were remakes of Roger Corman films, one was a remake of an obscure war flick, and the remaining three were original sci-fi scripts. For connoisseurs of bad movies, these eight films are nirvana.

"The Eye Creatures" (A remake of "Invasion of the Saucer Men") stars beach movie mainstay John Ashley as an thirty year old teenager who helps the military repel an invading force of aliens. Full movie here.

"Zontar, The Thing from Venus" (A remake of "It Conquered the World") has MST3k favorite John Agar trying to reason with a scientist who is collaborating with aliens that are enslaving the human race. Full movie here.

"Curse of the Swamp Creature" brings back Agar for a trip to the swamp where a mad scientist subverts the laws of nature and throws corpses into his swimming pool. Full movie here.

"Mars Needs Women" enlists teen actor Tommy Kirk as a (cough) Martian leading an expedition for hot earth girls (including Batgirl). Full movie here.

"In the Year 2889" (A remake of "The Day the World Ended") has "The Donna Reed Show's" Paul Petersen holed up with some crabby strangers in a nuclear holocaust-proof house. Full movie here.

"Creature of Destruction" (A remake of "The She Creature") casts TV mainstay Les Tremayne as a hypnotist who transforms his assistant into a sea monster to wreak havoc. Full movie here.

"Hell Raiders" (A remake of "Suicide Battalion") is the odd man out being both (a) a non-science fiction film and (b) seemingly unavailable online. However, some stills can be found if you look hard enough.

"It's Alive!" doesn't spare the goofiness in completing this series. Tommy Kirk returns as a guy who stumbles across a crazy farmer who keeps a flesh-eating monster in a cavern. Full movie here.

Buchanan died in 2004. DVD Drive-In provides a heartfelt tribute to the director.
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Correction: The The Eye Creatures
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Actually, "Attack of the The Eye Creatures."
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Half-assed must have changed meaning over the years. These titles are full-assed.
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Oooh. Thanks for this.
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Came in for the THE THE comment. Was doubly satisfied.
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Remember, people, THEY JUST DIDN'T CARE.
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Buchanan believed in conservation of "The". It's actually "Zontar, Thing From Venus".
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"Remakes of Roger Cormen films"? This phrase just makes no sense to me, like "reheated bat guano".
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"Mars Needs Women" is perhaps the greatest movie title ever. I sometimes just randomly blurt it out, and have used it as a ccde phrase of password many times (though after posting this, I guess not any more.)

That said, I just can't enjoy a bad movie just for being bad. I don't get it.
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While I'm fascinated by that era of "Here's a shoestring budget. Just go film something, anything" filmmaking, I cannot imagine watching Attack of The The Eye Creatures or any film of a similar calibre without Joel and the Bots protecting me from the deep hurting.
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Oh, this is BRILLIANT. Wish I could flag it as "fantastic" more than once. Thank you!!!
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arguably my favorite thread ever ... if only for In The Year 2889 and the various YouTube sidebar options it has opened up. Pandora didn't open as deep a box.
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Now this, this is worthy of the 'fantastic post' contest - no encyclopedia dump of information where you never actually get around to reading the links. A post that's a cultivation of an unknown gem, a little filmography for a guy who probably doesn't have one in the official publications.
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Kevin is asleep in front of the TV
He opens his eyes and says "Hi" to me
He's watching The Hypnotic Eye
It's late but I decide to give it a try
And someday, ohhho someday it's all to be so easy for me
Riding in a nifty car
Everyone will know I'm a movie star
I throw away my guitar to be the next John Agar

Bruce and I go to the Jose Theater
Three flicks for fifty cents
Take me to your leader
We're Teenagers from Outer Space
We just let you think we're part of the human race
And someday, ohhho someday it's all to be so easy for me
When I've discovered planet number ten
Rondo Hatton will be my very best friend
We'll kill the Muffin Man
Now the world is safe again

In Dennis' room with the black and white
I can tell it's going to be another long night
They're taking the earthlings for fools
When the captain says "Lars, hand me the tools"
And the temperature is starting to climb
They were not prepared for the horror of The Green Slime
But watching the Tokyo news we find that
Godzilla's been attacked by the Killer Shrews
And someday, ohhho someday it's all to be so easy for me
Making five movies a year
Slashing out the chords of fear
And someday is getting near
the new John Agar is here


-- The Young Fresh Fellows
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