The holidays just aren't the same without old movies
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There are lots of great films in the public domain and many of them are online. OpenFlix has 600, including a bunch of Chaplin, sci-fi and horror B-movies, film noir and HD versions of The Kid, M and Night of the Living Dead. Drelb has 400, including Buster Keaton's The General and Steamboat Bill Jr., episodes of Bonanza and Dragnet and Three Stooges shorts. Crazeclassics has over a 100, including The Third Man, Roger Corman's The Little Shop of Horrors, Bringing Up Baby and To Kill a Mockingbird. Ampopfilms has 80, including His Girl Friday, Reefer Madness, Destination Moon and the 1954 animated version of Animal Farm. Gravitas Ventures has 35, notably Vampyr, Death Rides a Horse and Borderline.
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This ought to keep me off the streets and out if trouble for awhile! Thanks! ت
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Wheeeeeee!!! Thank you for saving me from Christmas TV!!
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How can To Kill A Mockingbird possibly be in the public domain?
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Great stuff! Now I know how I will spend my time off. : )
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How can To Kill A Mockingbird possibly be in the public domain?

Might be, might not. I found conflicting evidence. There's an interesting discussion about the issue on the Wikipedia article's discussion page.
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Apropos of this, I just noticed that the Internet Archive has "Gammera the Invincible", the (heavily-edited, recut, & dubbed) US release of the first Showa-era Gamera film.

AFAIK, though, the copyright status of the 1954 Animal Farm film is quite unclear. The story behind it is interesting (and I suspect not widely known), but it doesn't necessarily follow that it's in the public domain (especially since it was first copyrighted in the UK). Most of the PD claims seem to be based on the fact that knockoff prints were widely distributed in the US in 70's. The heirs to the animation studio believe they still hold the copyright to the film.
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Crap. Related.
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refer madness scaret da krap outta me
kopyrights whack

nice collection Kattullus but Dragnet is only good after reefer madness
Gleðileg jól!

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Similarly to IvoShandors ejaculation (I've always wanted to use in that context!) - a 1979 US copyright application, & a 1982 renewal application for the 1954 copyright, on Animal Farm.

There doesn't seem to be any similar entries for To Kill A Mockingbird - but the catalogue only goes back to 1978, so any applications or renewals prior to that can't be searched.
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(Crap! 1979

And sorry to nitpick in your post, Kattullus. Rest assured I'll be watching 3 Stooges shorts to honour the birth of our Saviour tomorrow ;-)

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And in case anyone hates the way Flash video works as much as I do, here's a patch that allows the video to stay full screen even when you move focus to some other window.
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Thanks, Kattullus.
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I also find it difficult to believe that the Halas and Batchelor Animal Farm is in the public domain. However, the studio has bequeathed its archive to the BFI recently, so perhaps I'm wrong.

Great stuff, though, I look forward to lots of quality films!
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Also not in the public domain: The Third Man.
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Good stuff. I heartily recommend "M" to anyone who likes thrillers.
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Vampyr is one of the prettiest movies ever made.
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Here's another collection of full movies on youtube, crazedigitalmovies, of equally dubious out-of-(c) status.
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Don't forget the Internet Archive.

"The Kid"
"The Pharmacist" (WC Fields)
"The Sin of Harold Biddlebock" (Harold Lloyd, dir. Preston Sturges)
"The Navigator" (Buster Keaton)
"Panic in the Streets" (not sure how this is public domain ..... )
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There goes 2011...

Thanks Kattalus.
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