[hidden mother photos]
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I misread the thread title as "hidden monster photos". It worked pretty well, actually.
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"hidden Mothra photos" would also be acceptable, yes.
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How weird.
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My eight-month-old son's passport photo is a bit like this. (The photo was taken when he was only three or four months old.) In Canada infant passport photos must include only the infant but, because the infant must also be seated, my wife had to prop him up from behind. You can't really see her, though my son's incredibly awkward posture makes it perfectly clear where her hands are behind his head and back.
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Mother still has photos taken of me like this.
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"hidden Mothra photos" would also be acceptable, yes.

Especially #4. Check out those ears.
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I've seen some of these before, and I'm still creeped out the second time. *shiver*
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Does this one help nevercalm?

Uncredited image of someone doing more or less this thing that appears to have been circularly Pinterested with the identity of the original subjects and photographer lost in the ether.
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Creeped me out because of the similarities to these.
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Creeped me out because of the similarities to these.

A WARNING would have been nice. Jesus. Those are post-mortem baby photos, for anyone who might have a sensitivity to dead babies.
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I've got a Santa photo of my daughter that's kind of like this. I had to be off to the side and hold her into the frame. She's crossing her arms and scowling. It's priceless.
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Are you my mummy tent?
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Fascinating reflection on times when technology dictated form. Long exposures meant grim expressions, hidden clamps, sometimes hidden humans. The camera is ubiquitous now, in ways large and small, so it's interesting to ponder times when having a single photograph made was a rather large deal, necessitating special hair and clothes and a not inconsiderable outlay in cash and time. For many simple folk having a daguerreotype made was their equivalent of a moneyed family hiring an artist to paint a portrait. The results seem odd and stilted and even macabre but that's because times have changed so dramatically. When these images were made, there was not yet any concept of a "candid" image.
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Mother will not be happy that you've exposed our secret. Not happy at all.
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I wish we still did the photographs of the dead on a regular basis. Just over a decade ago, a professional artistic children's photographer friend of mine volunteered at various hospitals, photographing deceased and very ill children, bringing props to hide as much of the medical equipment as she could. She started this after her little sister's baby was still-born, remarking to me that many of these parents would otherwise not have a professional portrait of their sick or dead child. The years of volunteer work really took its toll on her emotionally and financially; I was glad when a local hospice gave her a grant and regular counseling. If there were more photographers who did that kind of work, she wouldn't have felt compelled to visit every grieving family.
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Hm, among my friends we joke about the many "orphan" pictures of our children as the mothers are the primary family photographers and are "hidden" behind the camera. I can't think of the last photo I got taken alone with my children but I have tonnes of them alone in pumpkin patches and playing in the snow.
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I find this wonderful as "pre-historic photography", before the Man Ray's surreal era of cutting, or even our own with photoshop. The presence of the mother even if hidden is there so the child can feel safe and comforted. You can even see them as a tribute to the hidden women or the women who support their children/family in the shade, by their own choice, or humbleness. Thank you for posting them.
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While visiting with my dad for the holidays, he showed me a baby photo of himself from 1922 or '23 and it's a hidden mother photo! He's shared this photo with me before but neither of us ever noticed the hidden mother before.
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